Epirb Battery Replacement

Here at Trionics we are one of the only places to get your epirb battery replaced, and tested to insure that everything will work correctly when you need most.

The process of Epirb battery replacement and testing takes place in our office equipped with all the required tools and specialized equipment that is needed to perform the procedure to the manufactures specifications. We have all the certifications from the Epirb manufactures to replace the battery and re-certify your Epirb or PLB. When your Epirb or PLB leaves our facility it will be certified for another five years of use.

When we have your Epirb or PLB we will do an initial test and inspection before we start any work, if a problem is found we will notify you immediately, and we can do any additional repairs if needed for an additional cost. 

We are the only recognized company in the US that is certified to service Jotron SARTS and Epirbs, the only company in the gulf coast that is certified to service ACR Epirbs and PLBs. 

If you need your battery replaced or just a check up on your EPIRB or PLB for your peace of mind. Will can accomdate you no matter if its an ACR, Jotron, Mcmurdo, or any other manufacturer. Just give us a call! 


Here are just some of the models of Epirbs that we service from ACR:

ACR  2742, RLB-35 CAT I

ACR 2744  RLB-35 CAT II

ACR 2774 RLB-32 CAT I

ACR 2775 RLB-32 CAT II

ACR 2779 RLB-33 CAT I

ACR 2777 RLB-33 CAT II

Visit our shop to purchase a battery replacement service for your ACR EPIRB or PLB.

 EPIRB and PLB Battery Replacement.